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A Legacy of Elegance and Tradition

A Legacy of Elegance and Tradition

In the heart of Barbados, amidst the lush, sun-kissed fields of Clifton Hall Great House, a remarkable tale of tradition and refinement unfolds. Clifton Hall Rum, one of the oldest rum brands in the world, traces its origins back to 1656, when the first rum stills were set ablaze within the historic walls of Clifton Hall Great House. This illustrious great house, a testament to Barbados’ rich history, stands as one of the island’s oldest, largest, and grandest plantations, with its lineage entwined with the legacy of Ferdinand Paleologus, a direct descendant of Constantine, the last Byzantine (Greek) Emperor, laid to rest at the venerable St. John’s Church.

Underpinned by centuries of heritage, Clifton Hall Rum has re-emerged in the modern era as an embodiment of excellence and craftsmanship. It found its contemporary home under the care of Foursquare Rum Distillery, a mere three miles from the iconic Clifton Hall Great House. Massimo Franchi, in collaboration with Foursquare, breathed new life into this storied brand, delivering a truly exceptional spirit that pays homage to its historic roots.

At 46% ABV, Clifton Hall Rum is a testament to the artistry of its creators, and its availability at the finest rum and whisky shops worldwide signifies a global recognition of its unparalleled quality. Join us on a journey back in time, as we celebrate the enduring legacy of Clifton Hall Rum, a masterpiece born of Barbadian soil and enduring tradition.

What Makes Clifton Hall Great House Rum Unique?

Pure Natural Rum

Distilled in the heart of Barbados by 8 time world champion distillers, Foursquare. Clifton Hall Great House Rum is pure, unadulterated sugar cane rum

Loved by Rum Connoisseurs

Clifton Hall Great House Rum is respected as one of the top rum's in the world. See our featured reviews page to learn what the experts think about Clifton Hall Rum

Steeped in History

Clifton Hall Great House Rum dates back to 1656 with the construction of Clifton Hall Great House, one of the grandest estates on the island of Barbados.